Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Handy Tips from "Abel Towing Wrecker" Breakdown Survival Tool Bag kit" for Fall - Winter Driving!!!

Here are some ideas of item's you might want to include in your,"Breakdown Survival Tool Bag kit".
   Include some warm gloves, a blanket, winter hat, break apart hand warmers. Also put in a screwdriver, pliers, a multi-use tool, flashlight, Jumper cables, duct tape or black electrical tape, fuse assortment, small shovel.  Also some matches, drinking water, granola bars, or a trail mix. you can modify your kit to suit your needs. 
  Good idea to include Cables for Jump Start-ing, 2 quarts of Engine oil, 1-gal. of antifreeze. also some WD-40 or equivalent for loosening lug nuts. Make sure your spare tire holds air in case of a need for roadside assistance.
  When we, Tow a car, in Waukegan, or surrounding communities, we have heard our customers say , my phone was almost dead. So it's  good to carry a spare battery for your cell phone,  For more info: Call us at:  

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Written by: Jose Zuniga, contents, photos cannot be used without express written permission from the author.