Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Car Kits Pt. 2

Your truck is for more than groceries and soccer balls. Quick fix items can help you get from here to there if you have some car trouble. Here's a list of things to keep in your trunk. 


2 Quarts of engine oil - Once oil light is on it's not advised to drive at all. If you don't have oil with you it could be a long walk to the next gas station.

Coolant/Antifreeze - To add as your level gets low.

Wiper Fluid - For obvious reasons

Funnel – Helps you pour fluids in the engine, not on it.

Gloves - A pair of work gloves keeps away cuts, burns and grit.

Shop Rag - Used to clean up when working around the car and checking the oil level.

1 gallon of Water –  Used to dilute antifreeze. Also for drinking if broken down for long periods of time.

– If you break down it's nice to have some food available especially if you have some kids in the car. Nature Valley Granola bars are good because they last a long time and don't get sticky of melt.

Umbrella – A breakdown is a lot worse if you find yourself walking or standing in the rain. 

Blanket – Keeps you warm if you break down. Also used to protect your vehicle from scratches when hauling things.

Tool Box/Kit - Should include the basics; Wrench, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Duct Tape or Electrical Tape. You might also want to include replacement Fuses.

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Written by: Jose Zuniga, contents, photos cannot be used without express written permission from the author.   abeltowingwrecker@gmail.com